Imagining Solutions

The younger generation is the best hope for the future of our Blue Planet – our Oceans, and ourselves. Here’s a quote that inspired me along my path to engage and empower them in the manner that connects with my personal expertise.

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.
If you can dream it, you can become it.

William Arthur Wards is credited with creating that phrase – and what I live as my truth. I do imagine our world’s oceans, rivers and lakes being pristine and healthy for my granddaughter and her granddaughter.

I turn 70 in June 2019 and that passage confirms and inspires my desire to do all I can for the Ocean, for our Blue Planet home. To that end I created a 28-day guided journal practice for young people. After using the journal with dozens of elementary and middle school students I realized that they needed more than a daily journal to put them in the story of creating their personal “blue life.” quest-cover (1)

From that THE ADVENTURE BEGAN. Within the journal, THE QUEST FOR BLUE PLANET SUPER HEROES, I added a fiction adventure called THE HUNT TO SAVE THE OCEAN. The characters become friends to the readers and the HUNT – well, that is more than a story adventure. You will love to learn how it becomes a way to inspire an entire community led by the kids themselves.


(LINKS to FILM Projects on Blue Life)

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