Power Stories

Over time as we work with groups seeking crowd-funding opportunities for their projects we will be adding their stories to the Elder SUP blog collection. Here is an example of some individuals that began with their own “Power of ONE” to follow passion, make a difference while sharing time and talent.

XOXO is the story of 5 accomplished water athletes who felt the urge to do something to give back to their local community on Maui. The film explores what it means to be a woman and how these five women excelled to become top athletes in their respective sports. And tells the story of the plight of under privileged young girls on the island of Maui. Be inspired to go out and explore and be the best at what do – XOXO

Norm Hann @FEAT Canada (March 2014): In 2011 Gitga’at Raven Norm Hann travelled to Haida Gwaii as part of the Stand film Expedition, with it’s goal of bringing awareness to the threat of oil tankers on our North Coast and to highlight the “Islands of the People,” Haida Gwaii. Norm travelled by standup paddleboard from the ancient Haida village of Old Masset in the north to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Sgang Gwaii on the southwest corner of South Moresby.

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