JUdyShasekLife is all about balance: work and play, rest and exertion, chillaxing and nose to the grindstone.  Balance takes on an entirely new meaning after an injuries, kids, work demands, and some of the ups and downs of caring for much-loved aging parents. We all know that there is always something that drives the question, where did that balance go anyway?

Sometimes we just need to head to the water for both life-balance and physical balance. Throughout the SUP experience subtle balance practice is built in.  Core and ankles, knees and head/spirit – without thinking about it our balance gets better. When we get the balance piece wrong on the board, we simply get wet! But REAL -LIFE Balance is much more.

Find YOUR nearest alpine lake and let the hike-in Naish ONE adventure begin

Find YOUR nearest alpine lake and let the hike-in Naish ONE adventure begin

Training to the next level is attainable when we are present - and aware of our breath

Balance work and play – like Karen Wrenn

Body-Mind-Spirit Balance:  In terms of this blog, we’d like to invite stories that take balance across all aspects of what that word can entail. As you share your stories we will add them as posts and link to this page – or link directly to your blogs and Facebook. You choose. This story-sharing adventure is all about you.

Check out the categories over in the far right column. Which category aligns with your SUP experience? Select  a story or picture that defines what BALANCE  means to you.

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