Simply 70+

I have been told that 70 is the new “40.” That’s a confusing comparison. At any age we are only as young as our

This section of the Elder SUP blog will share stories from standup paddlers whose lives have been meandering through at least six decades.  Maybe it takes that long to incubate dreams, design who we really are and gather some terrific stories about the journey. You won’t get tales of championships here, but you will read about champions of life. YOU may be full of just the stories we seek – if so, connect with us and share.

SUP: A Simple Paddle from a 65+

Pailolo Power = Peggy King

65 – Medicare and Water Athletes Sharing the STOKE!

Newbie Paddler at age 59 – way to launch a new decade

Travel and Adventures: Great Winter SUP Trip Great Winter Trip Day 2SUP Travel: Expect Wonder Rainy Days and Sunday: Cozy FoodHere Comes the SunWinter Glassy Surf: Brookings OregonStories from Under the Waves –SUP Adventures:  Nature Dictates 

SUP WonderWoman: Peggy KIng – Chapter 1

Insights and Imagination

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