Great Winter Paddle Trip – Day 2

ar1I had never heard of an “atmospheric river” until last night a 2 am. That was when the top half of a huge, ancient juniper tree blew off and careened more than 150 ft before stopping a few yards before crashing into our home. At that time we woke up, ran to the computer to check the weather. (Full story here)

Yes, an “atmospheric river” will hammer northern CA and most of the Oregon coast and valleys over the next three days – winds gusting to 60 mph. I must be delusional. I actually believed that we would wait until Monday or Tuesday to embark across the Santiam Pass, through the valleys and on to the coast with our “high profile = danger/danger” travel trailer vehicle. ar2

Just got the call, we are going – in an hour.  At first I wanted to rebell and push the “wait until nice weather” button.

What does this have to do with paddling? Or Elder SUP philosophy? The more I think about it, quite a lot.

First is trust. Ed is an experienced and careful seaman – having sailed across large ocean channels in all sorts of storms and weather for almost 50 years. Knowing ahead of time the safe ports always allowed for smart voyages.  KNowing his boat and crew (oops, I am the crew this time) makes all the difference.  If we wait for the perfect time – the best waves, the sunniest days, the glassy conditions, the favoring currents we might miss the adventure altogether.

SO we will set sail – on the road (and hopefully will not literally ‘set sail) very soon. Updates will come on Facebook through the day – with photos.  Yes, we will go – but we will also stay aware, on alert and be prepared to tacked and change strategies as needed.



3 thoughts on “Great Winter Paddle Trip – Day 2

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