Your SUP Story

I just turned 65 – how can that be? More than likely if you’re like me, the last thing we think we might be is “elder.” But like it or not, when grandchildren arrive (our own or those of our friends) we have to face the music. There is a younger generation ready to embrace life and this wonderful planet we all share. (Photo – and more wonderful videos at Saltwater Life on Facebook) fam2

One aspect of stories we hope to share on this blog is the generation-connection. Whether we teach a grandchild to swim, surf or enjoy a day doing a beach clean-up, we have a crucial role in building the culture and spirit needed for our fragile water environments.

The water athlete I believe is most in tune with the ocean - Chuck Patterson
The water athlete I believe is most in tune with the ocean – Chuck Patterson

Whether you’re a natural in the outdoors or prefer the documentary to the actual water activity, you can be a part of our collective energy for healthy waters.  Maybe it’s our salt-water-based bodies that have us all connected with the sea on some level or another (Like the saltiest human I know, Chuck Patterson).

Maybe it is the many views we see of our planet from space – not all blue but too often burning, brown and polluted.  Maybe it’s a great memory of family time surrounded by sun, sea, sky and sand that makes the world’s waters personal.  Whatever the motivation – we create solutions and community when we “talk story” together. Connect with us!

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