Oregon Coast: Gotta Go Fish

pc20153We packed our trailer and headed out from Bend, OR in mid-September with iflatables for cruising adventures and a couple of boards for SUP surf. Pacific City – here we come. The weekend kicked off with the annual Longboard competition. Saturday offered up some sweet waves, glassy and chest to head high. Riding a swell all the way to shore in the shadow of beautiful Cape Kiwanda on a warm sunny day is just about paradise.pc20151

In spite of dozens of trips to Pacific City and a few days catching salmon in both the spring and fall runs, we had never paddled the branch of the Nestucca River that flows east from town all the way to the inlet where the Pacific comes roaring in.

pc20154 pc20152

Screenshot (152)On our first trip we knew we were paddling out on an out-going tide. With a spinning rod on Ed’s board and my net strapped to my board we planned to fish at the inlet where all the boats seemed to have the most luck. After a few hours of fishing, the tide would be incoming, making the paddle back a breeze.

We put in at “Guardrails,” just across from Bob Straub State Park. The trip was idyllic – seals sunbathed by the dozens on untracked sandy beaches, forested cliffs reached high to the south and the closer we got to the inlet the more clear and marine blue it became.pc20159

Currents swirled with plenty of energy as we approached the south side of the inlet. Absolutely wear your PFD and use a leash. There were so many combinations of eddies, waves and powerful current that it took concentration to get from the inlet area to the pocket beach we founf on shore – but was it ever WORTH IT! pc201522

After about an hour of casting, Ed hooked in to a HUGE salmon. As it leaped, guys in the 16 boats fishing the inlet gave a thumbs up and the fight was on. Just as Ed was about to get spooled, the fish began to turn. Then, unawares, a boat cruised across the inlet and cut the line. We lost the fish but gained some friends among the fishermen.

A few days later we were back for the third time and one of the guys from the first day – the BIG fish day – offered to put Ed in his boat and take him out for a salmon. They had caught their limit and had to admire Ed’s presistance. I also think they admired our trips up and down the river stretch paddling our SUPs in all kinds of conditions over the week.

pc201511  pc201500

The one day that an incoming tide couldn’t match the 20-25 mph headwind on our return home was something we would not like to repeat. Even the best laid plans come up against good old Mother Nature. Be prepared, know your waters, tides, winds and currents and stya with your paddle buddy.

pc20157Our last night in Pacific City with fresh grilled salmon, a beach walk at sunset and a local brew could not have been better.


Kialoa Paddles: Po’okela, Laulima and Malama

Over the years Elder SUP has shared stories about people, places and events. We have enjoyed adventures and “talked story” with some incredible athletes and SUP-pers. For me, each outing on the water was powered by one KIALOA paddle or another – from the Gerry Lopez designed Hulu GL race and surf, to the Tiare adjustable (designed specifically for women) and many more. Recently, as we developed the “Power of Presence SUP” (P2SUP) program of guided meditation for SUP, we needed great boards to share with participants. Fortunately, our timing coincided exactly with KIALOA Paddles’ launch of two great new inflatable boards. (Spoiler Alert: One of the coolest videos you will see is at the end of this article)

KIALOA has built innovative Outrigger, Dragon and SUP paddles for over 24 years. Their mission, according to Jim MIller, KIALOA’s director of new business development, has expanded as ,”producing the best products for paddlers through innovative design, selective materials and a lean manufacturing process.” This summer they unveiled the inflatable Waikiki and Napali which join the initial soft top Aloha.

clinic5As we build our newest business here at Elder SUP we looked for sponsor support from companies with a mission and culture aligned with ours. We were fortunate to have the support of Sweet Waterwear – and KIALOA Paddles. We admire and respect the way KIALOA employees live like they paddle following the guiding principles of their core values: Po’okela (excellence), Laulima (teamwork), and Malama (stewardship). We aspire to have these same qualities drive our decisions and actions as we grow P2SUP.  Just as the KIALOA team appreciate those who have helped them along the way, we appreciate KIALOA and wish them all the best.

julia1stMeanwhile, it’s time to get out on the water on our 12’6″ infalatable KIALOA Napali. My favorite young paddling buddy, Julia, joins me on the Aloha soft top. We are out to have some “clean up the river” fun. IMG_2856[1]

This article would not be complete without a story from KIALOA’s own, Meg Chun. Here is the story that goes with this amazing video example of the spirit that drives the people and the company.

TEAM KIALOA 2015 from FocalBoxProductions on Vimeo.

Cottages at Cape Kiwanda: Your Piece of Paradise

aerialcottageFew things remind us of the magical quality of family time at the beach more than whimsical sand castles. Perched on a lofty rock-faced site just south of Cape Kiwanda, The Cottages at Cape Kiwanda look upon a most incredibly sculptured sand creation – Cape Kiwanda. The powerful icon, Haystack Rock graces every ocean view from the Cottages – from fog-wrapped mornings to sunset dappled golden evenings. kiwanda_hay_sunpc-3horses

The details that create the unique beauty that is Pacific City align perfectly with the details that make The Cottages at Cape Kiwanda so appealing.  Thanks to the opportunity for Fractional Ownership of your own Cottage, this is all easily accessible.

If you love life at the beach, as I do, you have probably stayed  in rentals of all types – from hotel rooms to resorts, from surf shacks to sprawling homes. Price and quality seem to fluctuate like the tides.  haytree1

Sometimes it seems that the only way to have the quality, well-appointed living areas and details you and your family dream of is to own your own beach home. The custom-built Cottages at Cape Kiwanda, just 20 steps from the beach, can be your consistently excellent piece of paradise. Each luxurious 2- and 3-bedroom Cottage has a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean, and each is fully furnished with just about everything you’d ever want or dream of in a second home. Your dream can begin with Fractional Ownership.

How are The Cottages so accessible? Fractional Ownership is the plan that allows affordable access to prime oceanfront property ownership in a manner that is easy to enjoy, without all the traditional headaches of oceanfront property ownership. The Fractional Ownership concept is still fairly unique and a story that is appealing.

With fractional share ownership, you would have deeded ownership in a Cottage as well as the furnishings in it. The Cottage is yours to use for three weeks every year. And because other owners have invested in the same Cottage for use at different times, you are only paying for the portion you use. The Cottages have a stellar professional management team that takes care of all repairs, maintenance, and housekeeping. You can even arrange for the team to rent your Cottage on your behalf when your schedule prevents you from coming.

ineltfish1You can learn more during your visit to The Cottages at Cape Kiwanda (details here). You will have time to explore and dream. Whether you enjoy the consistent surf, excellent fishing in the Nestucca River all the way to where the river meets the sea, or simply love roaming the shoreline – Pacific City is a magical destination.pcday1champion

Owning your piece of paradise need not be simply a dream. Take a visit now – the timing could not be better.

Great deals will be offered on the last 20 Developer Owned Shares in the oceanfront Cottages at Cape Kiwanda during their Developer Closeout One Day Sales Event October 24, 2015.

Live your dream!

Live your dream!

Steps to take if you are interested – CLICK HERE

5 Reasons Your Child Should SUP

kid1Kids Gain Self-Confidence.  There is simply nothing like being able to go a distance opr explore a body of water with your own physical energy from a very young age.  Riding a bike is one thing.  Skillfully steering and powering a paddleboard is quite another. All of a child’s athletic endeavors helps to shape their sense of self, but SUP opens the door to a community of “waterpeople” of all ages and abilities.  How often can an entire family head out to the water – each independent but connected? How often can a young athlete stand board to board at the start of a race with elite paddlers – who nurture and inspire? kid5

Spatial awareness.  When kids learn how to navigate a standup board through narrow spaces and tight turns—how to avoid collisions, round a buoy with finesse, or squeeze into a packed starting line at a regatta—they develop a spatial awareness that will bring them prowess all activities that involve coordination.  Like driving, for instance.

kid2Sense of direction.  Kids might paddle all week with a class, camp program or clinic – and gain one set of skills. They become able to go out and explore on their own – which delivers a different set of challenges and rewards. By planning a route with guidance, heading out with the right safety equipment a young person can begin to develop a good sense of direction.  Noticing which direction they had come from, picking out landmarks, and knowing how to get back becomes a regular part of their stream of consciousness.  That awareness is crucial to having a sense of direction.

Weather knowledge.  Do you know from which direction thunder storms normally come?  Do you know what the water temperature normally is in cold water climates??  If your child is a standup paddler, he or she will know.   Weather knowledge will come in handy both on-the-water and on land.

kid3Sportsmanship and Community.  Standup paddling has such an easy learning curve as newcomers to the sport start as beginners.  Young people who have put in some time and have gained some skills – usually from a parent or mentor – can easily adopt those roles for themselves.  The nature of SUP events invites connection, fun and even competition across age groups.  On the land or on the water opportunities to share equipment and knowledge are abundant.

Your Little Beach Town: Off-Season Awesome

cck4On the deck of Cottage 13 of the Cottages at Cape Kiwanda this morning I was sipping Fogcutter coffee freshly made from the Five Rivers coffee provided in our kitchen. Small lines of waves rolled past the Haystack Rock bobbing a few early morning surfers when two dark “somethings” rolled southward just off shore of their position.  “Whales or seals?” I wondered. Then the playful duo began to roll and ride the waves – definitely a couple of seals out for fun.

I have probably spent 100 days on this Pacific City beach over the past 10 years in every season and in all sorts of weather. There is something magical and unique about being here in what many consider the “off-seasons” of Fall and Winter. Few crowds, less fog and the opportunity of availability and lower rates at the luxurious 2- and 3-bedroom oceanfront suites of the Cottage at Cape Kiwanda on the Oregon Coast.


cck2After a day hiking the beach in the “all to ourselves” afternoon in this mid September off-season, we ended our yesterday the same way we began our today – “Good night and good morning” from the cottage deck perched high enough on the dune to give an amazing view of beach life in and out of the sea.

After hiking up the shoulder of  Cape Kiwanda with my daughter – granddaughter squealing with glee in her hiking pack we strolled around sunset gilded tide pools where tiny toes danced in Pacific Ocean waves for the very first time. Ready for the fireplace and some home-cooked dinner we played “gourmet chef” in the fully appointed kitchen. Spaghetti sauce and meatballs simmered in the Cuisinart cookware while music stereo system filled every corner with our favorite tunes.

cck5From the custom-made cherry tables and dovetail-joint dressers, hand-blown glass sconces and rich leather sofas we enjoyed the perfect blend of contemporary and cozy. We have only been here 18 hours – and 8 of those hours were spent sleeping like a baby – yes, even the baby – nestled in the luxury that only top quality beds and bedding can provide.

With our bedroom window tipped slightly open the soothing sound of the sea buoy mingled with sleepy rolling surf kissing the shore. Before heading out for today’s fun we freshened up with a shower that was nothing less than a spa experience in itself. If you haven’t been spoiled by luxurious bamboo linens
and SpaH2O bath amenities be ready for absolute bliss. cck7

Yes! We are ready to head out for another day of fun – and are already looking forward to coming back to our wonderful home away from home Cottage.