Winging It

I have built some SUP skills in flatwater and surf, and dabbling at windsurfing has allowed me to be confident in winds up to about 20-25 knots. But over the past year watching wing boarding and wing foiling adventures I have passed the stage of “curious.” It’s now time for me to explore equipment options, take lessons and pick the brains of those willing to share.

There is no question that the older I get the more I appreciate on-the-water experiences. Living in the high desert of Central Oregon, my watery fun happens primarily on the many awesome lakes and rivers I can easily access in 10 minutes to about an hour. Three hours away the Columbia Gorge offers even more opportunities. And the stunning Oregon coast beckons in almost every season.

Articles about this journey will be posted in the “Winging It” Archive. I hope you join me – and feel free to share using the form below.

For now, join me in learning about what is my first wing board, the 2022 Starboard Wingboard 4in1.

My Wingboarding Adventure: Full BLOG

A Woman Wishes to Fly

The Shopping Research at Big Winds

Land Lesson #1 – Wind and Wing

Florida Fun – Winter 2023

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