Starboard 4-in-1 Wonderful!

The joy of the Starboard 4-in-1 inflatable during my winter on the west coast (of Florida, not Oregon) was endless. From the ease of packing it into its bag for the flight south, to its versatility with both wing and paddle – I had a blast!

Thanks to the advisement of Britt at North Beach Windsurfing I visited two great winging spots down by the iconic Skyway Bridge. The wide open waters at the Scenic View spot provided an amazing playground. This particular day began with super light wind and then – right on schedule – a steady breeze picked up about 1:00. Rather than the fluky Central Oregon lake winds – this winging was a treasure!

A few weeks later my windy app predicted winds 15-25 from the southwest just off I 275 Blue sky, warm water, enough wind for everyone to have fun was located just across the street from Scenic View. The wind direction was perfect for zooming great reaches out across the bay and back to shore. What a super day to practice tacks and gibes dancing among dozens of kiters and wingers!

Alternately, when the wind was non existent and the waters of the Gulf of Mexico settled into a glassy mirror it was time to paddle out and mingle with the dolphin. Pods of 4-8 of the playful little buggers surrounded me then followed in parallel up and down the coast. Their curiosity is refreshing and is a powerful reminder to keep a “sense of wonder” on the water.

A bonus gift the environment receives with each Starboard product purchased includes: