Plant a Mangrove – Your Blue Life

It’s great news! Starboard Launches Blue Tiki Token ($BTIKI) Blockchain Technology with Celo

We returned to snowy and cold Oregon after spending a part of winter down in Florida paddling among the mangroves surrounding Tampa Bay. With bare feet happily on my Starboard 4-in-1 board (great for winging and paddling)

Back here in Oregon there is plenty I can do to keep our rivers and coastal areas clear of plastic waste by collecting each time I am out on the water. But I can also plant a mangrove.

How can that be? It’s easy. I can earn a digital currency called Blue Tiki then spend a mere 6 BTiki to plant a mangrove.

If you are a person who enjoys connecting with a global community working to make a difference for the waters of the world, take a moment to enjoy hearing the full story here.

Start your adventure today! AND BEYOND DOING “BLUE LIFE ” ACTIONS, AND USING Blue Tiki digital currency – you might even win a ZEN ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME at Cora Cora Maldives. Share your story and your actions on Instagram. You can follow me on Instagram as well.

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