Earth Day – Celebrate the Small Actions

Our home is Earth with its spacious land and life giving waters. What a great day to celebrate all the Earth offers and to remember our personal part in keeping Mother Earth healthy and vibrant.

One thing we all can do is be vocal, show by example and inspire others through our Earth Day (and every day) habits. For me as a writer, I shared in one way by creating the BLUE LIFE JOURNAL FOR KIDS.

But more importantly – my actions out in the world create a more powerful life trend toward respect and care to the Earth on Earth Day – and every day.

I am grateful for the initiatives offered by the Blue Tiki Community to keep the inspiration fired up.

Fun on Earth Day: I decided to share a super easy way to reduce the amount of electricity or propane you use to heat your home. In Oregon we get chilly nights from 30-50 almost all year long being in the high desert.

One easy habit is to warm up yourself instead of the entire house. Put on socks and a sweater or hoody. That way you can lower the thermostat and still be cozy.

Don’t forget Earth Day habits outside as well. Use our mighty sun to fuel your outdoor lighting. Solar is easy on Mother Earth. While you are at it, think of saving water with low maintenance planting native to your area – rocks and such, rather than hydration hungry lawns.

Make YOUR Earth Day every day!

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