Elder Peeps Deserve to FLY!

Maybe everyone who starts out with a Starboard Freewing AIR V2 has an end-goal in mind: getting up on a foil. I got my first wing just AFTER my 73rd birthday. I live in the high desert of Central Oregon and the snow is still lingering near the alpine lakes in July. Wind is gusty and fluky in those same lakes. So I decided to begin my winging adventures on the very forgiving Starboard 4 in 1 board. An inflatable at 10’4″ it is lightweight and a wonderful base for learning to wing.

How wonderful is it? Well. I only thought I knew until last Friday. That’s the first day of my wing journey where I had consistent strong breezes and wonderful gusts up at Elk Lake. Yes, the wind came from the east and the north, and sometimes from the south – that’s just Elk Lake. But is was steady enough that I FINALLY felt the loft and flight of my 5m wing.

I felt prepared for the conditions because I had watched Zane Schweitzer teach me the tack and jibe in the Zero to hero video lessons provided by Starboard. I saw that previously I had been holding the center strut too vertical. But at Elk Lake last Friday – I FELT the way to fly and zoom across the water.

But best of all – I felt where I should be standing on the 4 in 1 board. I was carving turns and making tacks like a rock star. Jibes were serious good fun! I am so hooked now there is no going back.

But is there “going forward” to a foil? Maybe. But not necessarily. This Freewing flyer is very -very happy on a super wing board and a quiver of great Freewing AIR V2s. Don’t judge me if I stay on the water rather than foil-flying. Just know that I feel no less the “eagle soaring.” What an amazing sport for any and all ages.

Zoom Winging – Then You’ve Gotta Turn

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Wow – the feeling of zooming across a rippling body of water powered only by a lofting wing that you hold onto while directly powering your board – nothing like it…… until you realize how far you’ve gone from your start point. I have actually brought my SUP paddle along with me many times because I haven’t got tacking, jibing and sailing upwind mastered yet. Because of a much needed dose of instruction, I went to Jonathan at Cascade Kiteboarding for a lesson.

I have been waiting for the time and the wind to get my Starboard 4 in 1 wingboard and Freewing AIR V2 back on the water for some practice.

This past Friday up at Elk Lake Resort the wind off shore was steady and maybe 8 kn with some stronger gusts. It gave me a chance to get some of the longest rides I’ve had so far. It was also steady enough that I could practice lots of jibes. Tacking is still not in my skill set! Need more water time.

I did find myself far from the start point with the wind charging directly out of the marina area. Try as I might I couldn’t track upwind enough to zig zag my way back. So yup, I let the wing trail behind me as I paddled to a more advantageous position. There, upwind from the marina I ended my hour or so on the water with a sweet reach! I felt as relaxed as that guy on the floating dock!