Captain Sawdust

Early in my career as a standup paddler I was waiting for the regular Friday afternoon group to come paddle our stretch of the Deschutes River that streams through the middle of our Old Mill District. I am not a car-person so all I can say about the car that drove up was that it was small and cute (I know, I Know). What really caught my eye was the most beautiful standup board made of many colors and types of wood strips all honed to a delicate shape and polished to perfection. My first thought was to worry about that beautiful board possibly meeting a river rock at the launch site.

The guy who made the board, Bob Jumper, came walking up to the group with his trademark grin. He set the board on the grass and introduced himself, ‘Hi, I’m Captain Sawdust.” The name was not so common, and neither is the guy.  In time I learned that he simply loves the woodworking and crafting works of art that are meant to be used.  When asked about the possibility of a rock scratching his SUP board he simply explained that it was meant to be used, and scratches could easily be sanded off and re-finished. Great attitude!

He’s continuously creating new boards and works with his son – next-generation heritage for sure.  Sawdust doesn’t race, but he’s always ready to volunteer. He’s on the water – river or ocean – as much as he can be.  As an “Elder SUP” he’s a story in the works. Got story? Talk to us!

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