Ocean Paddler Adventure Splashes Us on the Couch

During the long, cold, snowy winter in Oregon we love to alpine ski. For the most part that quells our need for adventure and fun. But often during the winter evenings – which could be from November through May in Oregon – we start to crave islands, oceans and paddling.  Luckily for us we can record all the shows we want from the Ocean Paddler TV.  While I am not much of a television-watcher, I can watch the same segment of a canoe paddling race or raging SUP big wave event again and again. My husband, Ed, is even more tuned in to the show’s options.

Imagine his pleasant surprise when we arrived at Paia Youth Culture Center in Paia on May 12 to find his favorite television crew there on the scene. It was great to learn that they were not only going to cover the phenomenal Maliko Gulch portion of the Olukai Ho’olaule’a race, but the fun 3 mile segment we planned to do. 

Suzie Cooney with Elder Sup, JudyEven before the fun-race started the crew was diligent in making sure they talked to most of the competitors and connected many of the nervous first-timers (us included) with local SUP trainer Suzie Cooney. Suzie lead us in a series of stretches, cardio and wicked warrior chants to get use psyched and ready.

The team from Ocean Paddler set up shots from all locations with interviews taking place continuously. From the Olukai team sailing canoe to preparation from some in-the-water filming it was great fun to watch the detail and professionalism all the way.  When the Ocean Paddler big yellow chopper zoomed in to take some shots of about 100 of us at the start, we couldn’t have felt more jazzed. Butterflies were replaced by plenty of quick paddle strokes out past the first reef to a safe deep-water area to turn down-wind and become a part of Hawaiian SUP tradition.

Ocean Paddler ready for water with Elder SUP

Can’t wait to re-live the event again and again from the sea-splashed comfort of our couch next winter.

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