We are friends – makamaka

There is a Hawaiian phrase, “Hoʻohālau i ka hale a piha i nā makamaka'” which means “fill the house with friends.”

Throughout the summer months, my frister (friend who’s like a sister), Pam Stevenson, fills her house and her yard with friends in the Willow Tree concert series. Local bands play generously with donations going to local charities meaningful to the band.  Nearly everyone enjoying the riverside music under the wide branches of the idyllic willow consider Pam to be a close and great friend. Do you know someone like that? if so, consider yourself blessed. Plenty of people in Bend – and around the world – feel that way about Pam her her amazing spirit of adventure and joie de vivre.

How’s this relevant to the Elder SUP blog? Way back about 5 summers ago I got a call from Pam inviting me down to the river one afternoon. Seems a friend of hers was selling a standup paddle board and was giving demos. I’d always wanted to try the sport, so I headed on down to the river.  Pam and I both gave the (brand to remain un-named) very very tippy SUP board a try. I bought it on the spot.

So the obsession with standing on liquid, walking on water – and SURFING again after a 40 year hiatus began. Pam pointed me in the right direction when it cam time to buy my first paddle. We headed over to local KIALOA paddles – and I was equipped for a new sport pronto!  Central Oregon lakes and rivers were plenty for paddling but one day soon after Pam suggested, “Road trip! Let’s go surfin’!” 

My husband Ed, Pam and her coolest-dog-ever, Sprocket, loaded camping gear and boards into the car and headed for Pacific City.  The trip was all sun, the waves were smallishly perfect for us – and little did we know how rare that was.

Half a decade later – hundreds of waves and thousands of miles later – the standup life rocks. 

Hopefully we can connect people with friends and fun around a sport that celebrates the outdoors, our earth’s waters and getting happy and strong on the water. Take and minute and listen to Cecelio and Kapono sing about friends, then grab a buddy and your paddle. Go SUP!

You’ve got to seriously cherish the person who introduces you to a best friend, a first love, a great new restaurant – or to a sport that takes over.  Thanks, Pam!

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