I call myself “Elder SUP” because I was approaching age 60 when I started writing this blog. That is laughable now, as I approach age 74 in 2023, and I realize that the longer we all keep playing on the water the longer we can stay “young at heart!”

Elder SUP is  simply a collection of stories told from the SUP Perspective.  It’s been incredible to discover a sport that connects generations like few others. In 2017 I collaborated with young Zane Schweitzer on his book, Beneath the Surface. That project inspired me to develop a series of journals for adults and for kids, the Blue Life Journal

Discovering down wind races and re-discovering surfing has fed my SUP fire since 2007. IN the Summer of 2019 I added windsurfing to the mix. Paddling early in calm water then harnessing the windy afternoon gusts has been terrific. In Spring 2022 – wing boarding has come on my radar and that learning adventure will be shared here.

Hollywood Beach, FL 1967

Hollywood Beach, FL 1967

In the late 1960’s my boyfriend, Ed – now my husband of 53 years – and I spent every spare minute surfing the sloppy waves off Hollywood, FL. College, life and work, sailing and raising kids interrupted our surfing – until we re-discovered it via the standup paddle board way in 2007.  Totally wrapped in 5-4 wetsuits we enjoyed surfing off Pacific City OR, Tofino, BC and around every beach we could handle across the Hawaiian islands – most recently the Maliko Gulch down wind run.  After a 40 year gap, it was youth-restoring magic all the way! Our story is not as important as YOURS – share with us on Facebook.

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  1. I’m a 65 year old disabled Vietnam Veteran and have many health issues associated with Agent Orange exposure….however paddleboarding has helped me in maintaining what is left. I’m very lucky to be an Elder SUPer

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  3. Hi…My husband and I own a company called SURFit USA–focusing on bringing the waterman lifestyle to everyone. We are organizing a SUP adventure tour of Juneau Alaska this summer and think it will be tons of fun. We are so excited about it even though we have never really paddled in cold water. I would love to hear your thoughts on cold water paddling. We also teach SUP fitness and coach here in Sarasota Florida and would love to reach out to older athletes as we truly believe that the waterman lifestyle is good for everyone–regardless of age! So happy to find your site. -Aloha!

  4. Hi Judy, I’m sure we’ve met before, but my memory isn’t all it could be. I think it was Altzheimers but I’ve always been this way. Just stumbled across your blog. Nice. Fun reading about Peggy since she’s a friend and downwinding buddy. I’m 68, live in Hood River and Haiku (actually Piahi, but everyone thinks that’s the name of the wave, not a location). Been SUP paddling (surfing, racing, downwinding) since about 2005. I do a couple of blogs in fits and starts–Ponostyle and xGeez. Say hi next time you’re in the Gorge. We get back in early may. I assume you do downwinders given your circle of friends. .

  5. Aloha Judy,
    Me and my buddy Al met you at Pacific City a couple weeks ago. Getting through that beach break was tough. I was very impressed with you skill and determination. Plus I LOVED that sweet Naish board. Same shape as mine, couple inches shorter. I hope to see you out there again.

    • Hey there!
      Thanks for the conversation. Sorry for the delayed response. I have been closing out summer/fall windsurfing and am adding that article to the blog this morning. Great to see two as well. I am one determined person! LOL

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