GoPro – Short and Long of It

If you’re like me you get periodic updates from GoPro accompanied by the coolest and most inspiring GoPro projects by pros and amateurs alike. ( A crazy sample )

Once you purchase your GoPro you may be a bit like the techno-newbies we are and simply scratch your head when it comes to editing.  For sure, editing can make your GoPro footage even better. The process of learning the editing software you choose can be frustrating (if you let it ) or really fun when you play with the process.

The footage taken for these samples was gathered before we really started to be skilled at taking our shots off the GoPro and using the CineForm app (free). For great tips to make your SUP movie easier to build, see “What’s in a Name?”

The Short: For this sample we used the trailer templates available in iMovie. Super fun. Simply by using those templates and seeking the right clips to drag into the storyboard we got plenty of ideas about how and what to film on the next outing. Here is 47 seconds of fun – Big fun on little waves in West Maui.

The Long: For this sample we used Windows Movie Maker and played around with adding some music to the footage. It was fun to use the CLIP and TRIM tools to place the music we wanted at the spot it seemed to make most sense. It is eye-opening how many skills are developed in messing around with a project. It unlocks awareness of what and how to film, what still shots to collect and how a day of fun and morph into a short story – seriously, 3 minutes is usually quite enough. This one is a cool mix of sun-sup-surf and ski on Mt Bachelor, Oregon.


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