SUP Muse: Brit Oliphant

What’s the mental image your mind imagines when you hear about a teen spending a year on the beautiful rainbow island of Maui? Lots of fun, surfing, beach days and frolic?  You bet! But if you think that’s all the possibilities you have not met one of the most amazing young waterwomen – Brit Oliphant. Brit knows how to play but she is also a force to be reckoned with when it comes to focus, dedication, training and making dreams happen.

Don't let this laid back image confuse you - Brit's got focus and a passion for excellence.

Don’t let this laid back image confuse you – Brit’s got focus and a passion for excellence.

Just out of high school (a year early by doing her junior and senior year simultaneously), Brit has a love of life and maturity that’s rare at any age. While disciplined training has provided the fitness background needed to compete at the highest levels in the sports of standup surfing and paddling, an absolute love of oceans, rivers and people adds a special something else. So during the past 6 months as Brit lives life her way in Maui, she’s brought her SUP paddling and surfing skills to a new level.

Generating confidence and having a blast - Go Brit!

Generating confidence and having a blast – Go Brit!

A winter of “whoa that’s big” surf, balance training on the slackline, running, running and more running and miles of windy to wonderful standup paddling has honed some serious talent to something more.  Still full of fun and grins, Brit powered into the 2013 Surftech Shootout @ The Lane.  She had an impressive performance, taking second ahead of Morgan Hoesterey.  Surftech team rider, Candice Appleby held the top spot on the podium.  Gracious and grinning, exuding the essence of waterwomen, it was very cool to see Brit and Candice celebrating the results of much hard work and dedication.stbritcandice

Four amazing waterwomen at the March 2013 Surftech Shootout

Four amazing waterwomen at the March 2013 Surftech Shootout


For about a minute and a half I considered getting a slackline to practice my own balance after hearing Brit talk about how much fun she has with that part of her training. Then it occurred to me that the 47 years’ difference in our age – maybe there was something more valuable about balance to learn from my buddy, Brit.

Keeping things in perspective and following the path that’s a balance of fitness, competition, travel, family and fun is Brit’s forte.  Appreciation, an eye for opportunity and a willingness to move beyond the “comfort envelope” and work hard is a solid message for any of us.

So, why did I choose to profile Brit Oliphant as one of my favorite SUP Muses (along with Karen Wrenn and Suzie Cooney)? A “muse” is a catalyst for both change and a vision forward toward becoming our own best selves. Authentic and consistent, that’s pretty much how Brit lives her life and shares her aloha.

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Take a look at the full event video – super fun for enjoying the event while planning to be there to watch next year.


2013 Surftech Shootout: Surf & Sand Duel SUP Race Results

Elite Race Women
1st: Candice Appleby
2nd: Brit Oliphant
3rd: Morgan Hoesterey

Elite Race Men
1st: Slater Trout
2nd: Chuck Glynn
3rd: Matt Becker
4th: Anthony Vela
5th: Chance Fielder

4 thoughts on “SUP Muse: Brit Oliphant

  1. Great article about a very impressive young lady. I have to admit I’m prejudiced. I’m her grandfather. Bill McDonald

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