February: Endless Winter? “Endless Summer!”

Dateline Hollywood, Florida 1965 Holding hands, two high school sweetheart surfers still surfing through life were enjoying what has become the most iconic surf films ever made, “The Endless Summer.” How about you – can you remember the first time you saw “Endless Summer?” How old were you? Have you managed to stay in surfing shape through the years?

The guy I saw "Endless Summer" with in 1965

The guy I saw “Endless Summer” with in 1965

We had plenty of gaps in our surfing life until SUP crossed our path in 2007.  Where the heck did our balance go? Getting back into the waves the SUP way has injected seawater and adventure into our 7th decade. Training is an absolute necessity.

Fortunately we crossed paths with Suzie Cooney, CPT of Suzie Trains Maui just before our first Maliko down wind fun race. (See Olukai Ho’olaule’a story).  By January of 2012 our garage had TRX suspension and rip trainers installed, and we had INDO boards and gigante cushions galore. With a lifelong yearning to spend as much time as possible in the ocean, preparing to participate in the Olukai Ho’olaule’a each year since has been the greatest motivation to hone our skills. Oregon has a winter that delivers snow from October – even into July some years. Our garage training ground has provided us an “endless summer’ in a way. Indo_Endless_Summer-FEATURED

Indo Board along with Robert August, one of the two surfers in the original film, have come up with a new deck design based on the original movie poster.  The artwork for that poster has set dreams in motion for generations of water athletes.  No wonder it is considered the best graphic movie poster of all time.

We plan to be ready to order this brand new “classic!” The first shipment of “Endless Summer” Original Indo Boards will be coming in May and Indo Board expect to have them for the year. Get in line for this  limited edition! Follow Suzie Trains Maui on Instagram @Suzie_Cooney

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