Paddle – and P2SUP – For Change

Paddling for the pure joy of sharing the water and the stoke

Paddling for the pure joy of sharing the water and the stoke

We all grab our board and paddle for different reasons. Each day’s session on the water is fueled by its own motivation. Why do YOU paddle? Bob Purdy paddles, in his own words, because, “I have paddled my Standup Paddle Surfer every day since January 1, 2011 to “Change the Way we live on the Planet” Bob invites us all to paddle for the change we want to see in the world (environmental, social, economic) then paddle for it until change occurs.

I have followed Bob’s quest for a few years – he is now past 1700 days in a row- because his commitment resonated with me.  Fortunately, through Elder SUP, I have had the good fortune to meet many folks, like Bob, who head to the water and make a difference – through racing for charities, paddling for a cause or becoming a kinder, more mindful self.

Pick a change, commit to that change,  and paddle for that change until it becomes a reality. We have selected to share our P2SUP guided meditations for SUP with cancer survivors, those battling its effect, along with their friends and family. From Bend, OR to South Florida we recently began a new journey. Connecting the benefit of P2SUP with both experience and fundraising for organizations benefitting cancer research and support is a solid part of our focus.

One of my favorite paddling partners is 7 year-old Julia. She paddles with playful gusto and glee, power and perseverance. I think a great deal of the motivation that inspired me to created “Power of Presence SUP” was the hope that some of our guided meditations for SUP could deliver what comes to Julia naturally – a free, accepting, grateful/playful approach to lfe.  In order to best share that goal, I will be sharing P2SUP workshops in South Florida before the Standup for the Cure – Miami event on November 7.julia1st

The more time we spend on the water sharing our first collection of P2SUP guided meditations for SUP the more we realize how powerful that experience is. No matter what skill level, paddlers discover they enjoy the 15 minute P2SUP sessions easily from the first try. Whether or not people practice traditional yoga or SUP Yoga, something in the meditations resonates easily – with what they need right now.

miamiStandup paddling can be a wonderful healing therapy for those dealing with cancer – and an uplifting experience out on the water for family and friends. I wrote an article about Shelby Schweitzer awhile ago. In her words, “Standup for The Cure is the Schweitzer family’s biggest source of pride.  Our aunt, Judie Vivian founded this organization 4 years ago after struggling with breast cancer. ” Judie Vivian and Shelby’s mom, Shawneen,  came up with the idea while on the beach one day. Then Rob and Judie Vivian took the idea and turned it into an annual event that has raised almost  $200,000 to date (2014) for Susan G Komen Foundation.  They set a Guinness Book of World Records for the Largest Standup paddle lesson in the world!!!.shlkeby-cure1

Over time we realized that the P2SUP practice of mindfulness and a tool kits of meditations to use while paddling could enhance the benefits of regular paddling for those dealing with cancer. For that reason we will be giving FREE workshops on the water, evening talks full of stories and powerful information and a donation from every sale made the week of Nov 4-10 in honor of Standup for the Cure Miami. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT US.

As a cancer survivor I learned the importance of both gratefulness and acceptance, of taking time for myself and for friends and family. On the 10th year anniversary of my surviving I chose to paddle ten 3-mile laps through hometown Bend, OR. SUP has been a powerful part of my healing – and active living – process.

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