SUP Stroke Technique with Connor Baxter

This training video was first published Mar 30, 2016 on Robert Stehlik’s BLUE PLANET YouTube channel (Subscribe here)

Thanks to Robert for the interview that led Connor Baxter to discuss lots of aspects  on SUP paddle length and stroke technique. The Interview took place at the 2017 Starboard distributor meeting on Maui. (FOLLOW Connor on Facebook)

Robert asked Connor about the new 2017 paddle design that is still under wraps. They discussed paddle length: Connor explained that his paddles are much shorter than when he first started competing. I hope you find something useful about stroke technique.  In the video Connor breaks down his unique stroke technique which focuses on using the bigger muscles in the core and legs and less upper body strength for endurance racing.

You will really find the part about loading up and releasing the paddleboard by “porpoising” while sprinting to be interesting (very cool). Last of all Connor talks about choking down on the paddle and leverage.
(From Robert Stehlik) Sorry about the background noise from the breaking waves!

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