Springtime at the Hood River Inn

For the past decade, our “home away from home” in Hood River has always been the Hood River Inn, a special gem situated along the wide and mighty Columbia River. Although we have stayed there in almost every season, this visit was the first time we arrived just as spring was bursting into full bloom.

Lush and Verdant

Even as we arrived and were simply walking to our hotel wing, the richness of the vegetation greeted us. We hurried to get settled and took a walk along the paved waterfront walkway to savor the flowers – colors and scents – along the way. We got back to our room to dress for dinner (Yum in the Riverside waterfront dining room) just in time to catch a view of the sunset from our deck. Over our days here we walked everywhere. On the route from Hood River Inn to the waterfront shops and access to the beach where watersport action abounds there are endless things to view in about a mile. And while the weather was overcast and even rainy at times, that combination simply added to the magic.

The osprey pictured above was perched at the very top of a tall evergreen right outside the window of the Riverside dining room. What was cool to notice was how excited diners were to observe the osprey soaring down to catch a fish then gobble it up on a favorite rock. When he arrived back on the tree of course people wanted to snap a photo. The ambiance in the Riverside is fine dining at its best. People respected this as they quietly made their way to the windows for a picture. But the wonder and awe that we felt being able to observe this cool creature was prevalent.

The Bonus –

An awesome warm outdoor pool and hot tub invited us to relax after all that walking. Yes, there is also an indoor hot tub and sauna, but there is something wonderful about being immersed while eye-level with the Columbia river rushing by. Pristine is a word that comes to mind at Hood River Inn – the rooms, the grounds and the pools. Top quality all the way!

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