Wind, Water, Waves – and Customer Care

Wind, water, waves – and the companies that make or sell the goods that get us out there. This is a story about a hat!

I write a lot about about Starboard founded in 1994 by Svein Rasmussen. Why not when this is their vision (and they walk the talk globally): Bringing innovation, quality and inspiration to the world of wind and water. Together with riders and partners around the world, Starboard and Tiki strive to be the best in the world and FOR the world. (You can be part of this by joining the Tiki Challenge or by earning yourself some Blue Tiki – a social token currency

I am so stoked with my 4 in 1 wingboard and my Freewing AIR V2 that I am constantly watching Starboard videos to learn more, and reading articles about the adventures of the Freewing Dream team. It’s always fun to feel part of your favorite brand “team,” right? That feeling got me started looking for a a Freewing hat. Well, gear was not so easy to come by (and I hear that might be changing) but right then I was having a challenge locating a hat.

I decided to contact Big Winds (online everywhere and brick and mortar in Hood River) – home for everything windsurf, SUP, kite, wing and foil. Using the CONTACT form online I inquired about obtaining Freewing branded hat. Like always, I got a response that same day. They didn’t have such a thing in stock but they would check around. I had mentally given up on the hat when a few days later I got another email.

Now I am, by far, probably their smallest customer. In spite of that, Bruce had made the effort to search out a leftover Freewing hat that had been left at the shop by a Starboard rep. Just yesterday it arrived at my house! Can you say “customer for life?” Absolutely. Because a retailer that goes above and beyond for each and every customer does that for a reason. The team at Big Winds is ultra passionate about their water sports – and it translates to every team member at the shop and online.

Get to know Big Winds – on their blog and on Facebook! Feel a part of the team.

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