More of a Kite Than a Sail

I am a water fanatic – in it, on it, around it. If there is a way to move, soar, glide, surf or adventure on the water I am on happy kid! My daughter excels in many sports but around water she is happy simply relaxing on and around the ocean and lakes. Just the same, when she came to SUP while I kept on my wing learning journey she spotted a key flaw in my attempts!

I was using the wing more as a sail – as in windsurfing. But the wing flies best when overhead, more like a kite. This very basic video shows the position.

Kristy and I arrived at a lake (no, I won’t reveal its location) in a drizzly rain with a gusty, cold wind then dead calm frosty air. We almost called it a day. But since we had all our boards and gear we decided, “what the heck, let’s go.” It was a great decision. It’s such a truism, “You don’t know until you go.” Intermittently the sun came out and the gusty wind came in waves – dead calm then 2-3 minutes of breeze.

The lake was small, just a few acres of water and sheltered in a pocket among forest and mountains. The pattern was to wing the breeze when it came then wait around for the next minutes of wind. I had a ton of fun working to refine my tacks and jibes in a most forgiving situation.

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