Jimmy Spithill: Standing up for Standup

During the Louis Vuitton Junior Trophy, BMW Oracle skipper Jimmy Spithill – who first sailed in the America’s Cup as a teenager – was among the senior sailors encouraging the kids. He said, “We appreciate all the people who come to see us and congratulate us with the Cup. But for us, the exciting thing is meeting the kids. Especially the kids sailing these great little boats. These kids are the future of world sailing. And I wouldn’t be surprised if one day they’re sailing boats like these, but on a bigger scale, in the America’s Cup.”

Next generation – always the key to a great future, whether it’s sailing, SUPing, the environment or any number of challenging causes.  It makes sense that Jimmy would practice balance and core strength on a standup board between his adventures with Oracle Racing. Getting the job done in an ocean race means moving quickly on an unstable platform and maintaining a strong core for the demands of racing.  Sounds like the recipe for a SUP workout – for sure!

Dear to my heart (A few levels behind the passion for standing on water of any kind) is fitness. Jimmy Spithill chats, in the video below, about noticing what consumers are doing for fitness. (bye bye treadmill and crunches).  Not just sailors, but the general public is embracing a new fitness fun in the form of standup paddling.  Right on, Jimmy! he says, “We grabbed people from the shore, people who had never tried SUP and they loved it.  When people are engaged with the ocean they want to protect it.”


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