Action and Adrenaline? SUP & BOP 2014

annabel-3For some time, I have been following the articles written by Annabel Anderson on Distressed Mullet. Between those articles and a number of videos full of succinct and relevant training tips my technique has been improved. In addition, Annabel has a knack for putting us in her shoes via a wonderful weaving of words.

I ran into Annabel at the Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge. She had never met me, she was busy preparing her mind for the distance race. Yet, when I introduced myself and mentioned how much her tips had helped me I got that famous Annabel grin and big hug. Talk about down to earth and connected to her fans.

Photo by OnIt Pro

Photo by OnIt Pro

Later in the weekend Annabel shared a bit about her personal training routine, her lifelong pursuit if excellence across so many sports and the unique challenges in SUP. She loves to run, ride bikes, ride horses, sail, play on boats – it’s all about playing the game of life! Connecting a solid passion for what she does with that playful sense of fun defines Annabel.

Annabel Anderson on BOP 2014 and SUP's evolution

Annabel Anderson on BOP 2014 and SUP’s evolution

Be sure to read her most recent article on Distressed Mullet, “Eerily Prescient Pre-BOP Musings.” She predicts with a bulls-eye accuracy, weaving insights and words like these, “There will be a show. It will be a show of bravery and of survival. It will be a show of heart, courage and humility. It will be a show of athleticism and skill.

In the age of action and adrenaline sports, where ice skaters line up four abreast and take to a frozen motor cross downhill course, tomorrow the sport of SUP will truly legitimize itself as the aquatic version of Red Bull Ice Crushers.” Don’t miss this one!







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