Boardpacking: Westside Vancouver Island

My friend, Pam, and I coined the word “Boardpacking” a few years ago to describe the absolutely cool sport of tossing everything you need for a backpacking trip onto a standup board. There are so many places to explore and enjoy for more than a day paddle.  We recently got a story from Paul Kendrick, author of the blog SUP Paul.

Paul and his buddy, Darcy, went on a 4-day boardpacking trip to Raft Cove- a remote and beautiful place on the west coast of Vancouver Island. He has shared detailed directions to the put in – a place that doesn’t seem the gateway to the adventure and beauty that unfolded during the trip.

Take a look at Paul’s post. We love that area of Vancouver Island I am sure we will be checking the trip off our bucket list very soon.

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