Sup Training Suzie Cooney Style

I have been to a lot of book signings – usually taking place in a bookstore with the author cooly reading from their newly released book and then quietly signing your copy. That’s not how it was done by Suzie Cooney, the SUP trainer to Maui and (lucky us) the world beyond. What a fantastic event she hosted for us all.

scb2You’d expect the author to “talk story” at a book signing, but the entire group of happy guests all had the story-telling knack – and so many stories to share. We arrived at Adventure Sports Maui to a buzz of happy energy. Suzie greeted us with hugs and a quick introduction to Milton Kalani Martinson Dave Kalama and Loch Eggers.

Everyone had “Suzie” stories to share – how she inspires, encourages, trains and simply makes the world a better place.

Milt added to our (already great) experience at the recent Pe’ahi Challenge. As one of the jet ski support for Kai Lenny he was right there in the impact zone safely bringing Kai out, along with Ola. Even as Milt was working with Kai a few days later, Milt was available to help when another athlete’s boat capsized. And on the drive back to the harbor, he spotted a kiteboarder with broken equipment and in deep trouble. All in a day’s work, Milt picked him up and delivered him safely to shore. That’s how the event played out – much aloha, friendship and fun.


Suzie giving Jeremy Riggs’ daughters some friendly pointers – and then some CHristmas cookies

We did our first little fun race on Maui with Suzie almost 5 years ago and have been down wind crazy ever since. That includes doing a clinic with Jeremy Riggs  on the Columbia River. Jeremy is full of expertise – best of all are his stories of taking his girls out on the ocean inspiring the next generation of ocean (and cookie) lovers.

Speaking of food “da grindz” Suzie shared with us all were – as we heard people saying – “onolicious.” That’s the way Suzie rolls. At an event to celebrate the launch of here comprehensive and incredibly valuable training book, Suzie made it a party to celebrate every one in attendance and to thank all who encouraged and inspired her along the way.

Get YOUR copy of HOW TO INCREASE YOUR STAND UP PADDLING PERFORMANCE and get ready for new levels of skill for any level paddler.

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