Wanna Surf Maui? Think Hi Tech

If you’re planning a trip to Maui and thinking about shipping your SUP boards and paddle – think again. There is a great shop close to the airport absolutely full of great equipment and gear to buy or rent. The team at Hi-Tech Surf Sports is the locals’ favorite, but they share warm aloha and expertise with all who head their way.

It took the airlines losing our much-loved KIALOA paddles and all the SUP gear in our travel bag for us to drop in at Hi-Tech Surf Sports for replacements. We might have seemed a little frazzled (and upset) but we walked out of there 30 minutes later with a big grin and plans to be back. Why?


Great equipment for your vacation fun from Hi-Tech Surf Sport in Kahului

Our first question was, “Do you have Kanulock locking roof straps?” The nicest young man brought us to a huge selection and began to ask us what our surf plans were. In minutes he learned our skills and what we like to do. We mentioned that our gear was lost by the airlines, and he had a few great solutions in mind. We promised to be back the very next day.


Go Granny! Yeah, I’m loving the Starboard Hyper Nut rented from Hi-Tech Surf Sports

Sunday dawned sunny with a small swell at Launiupoko, so we sped over to Kahului arriving just as the shop opened. Again, super knowledgable staff took us under their wing helping us with board selection. Ed explained that he wanted a stable board but one with the ability to be fun in small waves. He got the Starboard Wide Point 9’5.”  After a little chat the staff decided that the Starboard Hyper Nut 8’0″ would be best for me.

WoooHooo! They were spot on for me. What a blast that board is.  The waves demanded a late take off and the Hyper Nut was so forgiving. I’m just a fun-loving surfing grandma, but I was scooting up and down little wave faces like nobody’s business.


Endless selection of apparel and accessories

When the waves changed we were able to swing back into Hi-Tech Surf Sports to exchange Ed’s board for one better for the new conditions. Not only did they switch out equipment happily, they took the time to listen to our stories and to share some of their own. Local riders are in and out of the shop all the time. Our experience was enriched because we felt like Hi Tech was now “our” local shop too.

eaEnjoy trying the newest equipment, different equipment than you might own, and feel the aloha! And the prices are right! And not to neglect a mention of the HUGE selection of apparel and accessories in the store. Ed scored the newest Eddie Aikau Quicksilver boardshorts, I jumped for a cool Roxy rashguard for new baby granddaughter – and the cutest “mermaid” onesie. I told you I was a grandma!

4 thoughts on “Wanna Surf Maui? Think Hi Tech

  1. Great to hear you had a good time here in Maui. Glad you scored some good waves during your stay and got to try some fun alternative shaped SUPs. All da best to you two!!
    Crew at Hitech 🙂

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