Stand on Liquid: Your “Local” Shop That’s Everywhere

soliquidI have walked in to  Stand On Liquid (Bend, OR) so many times – always searching for a solution. It’s been  UV covers for my Starboard Deluxe Touring Inflatables, advice on fins, help with shipping a board I sold, cool shirts and ding repair to name a few.

The constant is smiles – miles of them – and time to “talk story. The entire team from Mike, to Q, to Shawn to Amanda deliver awesome customer service with efficient expertise. They are out on the water consistently, connecting with our community and sharing the stoke.

Whether you are looking for boards, paddles or any of the hundreds of accessories they carry – give them a call and check out their website. They can be your “local” shop no matter where you live. For a quick intro, take a look at their informative  and entertaining blog.

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