A Sense of Wonder: Joyful Ripple Efect

Every day we wake up one day older – physically. Each day we have an incredible choice- to be a kid at heart, weaving wonder and joy into simple, ordinary moments. Last December, I had the opportunity to meet a woman whose personality, generous heart, wise spirit and open heart has changed and inspired the lives of her family and hundreds of others. I had a chance to chat with Carolyn Jackson for a few hours.

Carolyn’s life was too short, she passed on while surrounded by the love of her family just last month, but her spirit and energy remain alive – rippling out through the people she touched. Last night at her celebration of life her daughter, Shawneen Schweitzer, shared parts of this blog article written by Carolyn over nine years ago. One line resonated back to my heart this morning as I set out on a short walk along the beach on Maui.

“Come for a walk with me as I envelop myself in the abundance of Maui. Take a deep breath and see yourself cavorting with nature. This is the most wonderful way to start my day.”

The first thing I spotted along my walk were many joggers collecting their miles – and I wondered if they were collecting their smiles along the way. So I did what many friends of Carolyn’s mentioned last night, “Smile first.” So, I did. Soon we were all collecting smiles.

I was  dressed in shorts and a shirt, planning a calm walk along the shore. I recalled some questions Carolyn asked in her wonderful article, “How many of us are that capable of being true to our own inspiration. Should I do it? Should I get dressed [as Mary Poppins with her umbrella] and dance on the boardwalk? Should I completely embarrass my family? mmmm I think I should. What do you think?”

I felt pulled into the crystal clear water and stood knee deep watching the shore break swell cascade from my left toward me. Mesmerized, I watched it growing in size until I was eye-level with deep blue as the wave crashed at me waist-high, dousing me with kid-like pleasure. Normally, I would have jumped out of the way (keep your clothes dry, grownup). Not on this morning. I felt Carolyn there being an anonymous player in the sea with me.

ionsHer grandson, Zane, shared some facts I hadn’t heard before. If you stand with your feet sinking into the gooey, soft sand at the water’s edge, positive ions will flow from your body and you’ll receive energizing negative ions. Ions or not, as my feet sank deeper, to calf high, I just grinned. Now I was stuck and the waves played tag with me. My grin couldn’t have been bigger. A fresh spirit washed over me along with the salty water.

My day began in a wonderful way. No matter what your current sense of wonder or your existing spirit of presence and loving kindness, I invite you to let it expand even more by sharing this blog, “Clarity with Carolyn.” Begin your own ripple effect. The Blue Life Journal is my method of sharingIf you have thoughts on the subject or blogs/articles from which you glean inspiration please feel free to add them in the COMMENTS.




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