Carbon Footprint – Smaller is Better

Have you ever stood in an airport watching thousands upon thousands of people getting into hundreds upon hundreds of flights and wonder- What would my effort at reducing my carbon footprint matter in all this?

I recently picked up some plastic while on a beautiful spring day paddle. I posted the photo of both the plastic AND the better option – reusable hydration instead of liquid in plastic. Simple choices again and again by millions of us make the difference. To make choices easier – here is an excellent article from TERRAPASS – read it here.

Next, think about crowd-funding and the power of many to fuel ideas and innovations of a single person. Together we are much more than we can imagine. If the Earth and its waters are to be the beneficiary of our generous gift of “blue life choices and green actions” everything each of us does can contribute to the bigger BETTER environment.

Way better than re-using or recycling is not using plastic in the first place. That’s a pretty huge no-brainer. Making choices around the use of plastic – daily – not only reduces the carbon footprint of you and your family – is can motivate and inspire others.

As we enter the week AFTER Earth Day let’s keep the momentum going. Read about simple daily choices.

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