Blue Life Actions – A Community

I am the proud owner of Starboard products. Beyond the quality and performance, owning a Starboard product allows us all to connect with a company and a community that makes a huge investment in the environment. Starboard began as a leading watersports equipment innovator. The company was awarded World Sailing’s Sustainability Award and an Olympic class.

Their corporate journey and philosophy is based on environmental actions integrated for a better climate and ocean health. Learn more about their Blue Tiki Community here.
Starboard’s Plastic Offset Program, VCS certified blue carbon climate parks, education and partnerships motivate private sector, governments & NGOs.
Blue Tiki solutions now go street level with SOMWR apparel, inviting you to wear positive impact. AND they are now part of a project that invites us all to be FUTURE FIGHTERS.

Here’s just one example of “feet on the ground action. This is the Starboard POP Team on the beach in Pattaya-(Photographer Georgia Schofield). There are dozens more stories to enjoy on the Starboard Blue blog.

We can all join in on “blue life” activities in our community – AND be part of a global community. Take a look at the Blue Tiki program and see how you can earn digital Blue Tiki – a social token for the future.

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