Celebrate World Ocean Day

Of course we salty life, ocean-loving paddlers celebrate the Ocean and its (bays, lakes, rivers, streams and marshes) every day. But the celebration will be ever more focused on World Ocean Day (June 8 in 2023). For action ideas you can simply FOLLOW “World Ocean Day” on Instagram.


It’s great to generate a “community of friends” online. I look forward to seeing you FOLLOW me on Instagram – then I can follow you back. What a great way to create action momentum for “blue life” choices.

For consistent love of Mother Ocean and our Earth – my heartiest suggestion would be to FOLLOW the the “good news” stories that can be found on Starboard’s STARBOARD BLUE website. It’s a consistent source of stories that will make you ocean-loving day! Starboard products journey has environmental actions integrated for a better climate and ocean health.
Their Plastic Offset Program, VCS certified blue carbon climate parks where millions of mangroves are planted, education and partnerships motivates us all.

If you have ever paddled along the edge of a mangrove you may have reveled in the amount of marine life and birds within its reach. Often young mangrove seedlings can be seen on the beach or floating a low tide. If you are collecting plastic debris and find these seedlings you can give them a head start in life. (How-to Video here)

Plan now for World Ocean Day by kick-starting awareness and action today!

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