Counting Paddle Blessings – Zen

I had some fun today creating reels for the “unboxing” of my new Starboard Zen construction 12’6″ Double Chamber Touring inflatable board. This post is meant to share the story of a very wonderful 4.6 km paddle – but I have to say something more about this board.

The day was a cloudy 48 degrees and breezy but I could not wait to get to the river. Swift, stable, fast, agile, and with a glide that doesn’t stop, this board was incredible good fun. The kilometers flew by and I was the only one out on the water – what a treat!

The graphic from Strava shows my route and measures the distance I paddled. What it cannot count is quite a list: 3 curious beavers, 19 honking geese, 8 happy pre-schoolers waving from the bridge, numerous red-winged blackbirds warning me away from their nests in the protect riparian area, and a pair of quiet ducks.

I got a very sweet workout – and a LOT more.

Follow me on Instagram and check out my reels. For now – Aloha from Elder SUP and my TIKI friend.

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