The “Plastic Habit” – Re-Invented

It takes little more than a quick look at social media images of the disaster that is plastic dumped into our waters to be overwhelmed. A trip to the grocery store or any retailer and the pervasiveness of plastic packaging is a hard hit in the gut for those of us who want to make a difference.

And that’s one of the biggest dangers of plastic pollution – the enormous and overwhelming size of the problem. Can our habit of refusing plastic whenever possible, of re-using the plastic we have or taking along re-usable containers for food, water and such really make a difference?

The solution begins with “YES” and it begins with us. Do you want a does of hope? Take a look at this Ocean Literacy Portal – UNESCO – to learn about the top organizations actively involved in ocean cleanup (2022)

Our individual actions and choices mean more and gain in motivation and commitment when we are part of a community. Our love of SUP, windsurfing and winging brings us together. The community developed by Starboard, Blue Tiki and SOMWR is the perfect place to feel connected, inspired and part of the greater solution.

BLUE TIKI FOR POSITIVE IMPACT – Learn more here Make an impact against plastic every time you hit the water!

The social hub of ocean action and literacy

Follow and be part of a community taking actions that help the ocean – SHOAL is an app. Share your initiative and inspire others with your examples! Learn about the 7 Principles of Ocean Literacy, and the steps you can take in your life to help preserve our Oceans. Connect with the world’s greatest scientific minds, and read articles to inspire you to take action in your daily life.

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