SUPers vs Plastic

If you follow standuppaddlemovie (awesome trailer here) on Facebook you have seen the powerful video they shared featuring Jenny Kalmbach.  Reading over her blog it was very cool to discover that she spent many of her early SUP days with Jack Gillen.  I was fortunate to meet Jack at my home here in Oregon, then paddle out to some crystal clear swells off shore from the  Honokohau Harbor for my first surfing – it had been 40 years since my last surfing in South Florida mush waves (WOW!).

It’s easy to get mesmerized by Jenny’s power and grace across some sweet little wave faces, but the message is clear. Because we have the SUP Perspective, we have an eagle-eye view of what’s going on in the world’s waters when it comes to the impact of plastics.

If you have participated in a cleanup or other event geared to reducing the use of plastic water bottles, bags or cleanup, please share a quick post or idea here. Note to Jenny: We’d love to share more, please contact us for a short interview. Note to standuppaddlemovie: How can we get your film to Central Oregon? We are a SUP mecca!

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