Go beyond the re-usable bag – BEAT PLASTIC on our BEACHES

Back in the day, we all remember when. There were no plastic water bottles.  Plastic bags, packaging redundancy and seemingly indestructible containers were not the norm. So was it easier to be recycle-savvy?

Maybe it was.  There was another difference, too.  We were all outside more often a few decades ago. Kids got dirty, explored woods, trees, water, rocks, mountains, beetles, birds and everything in between.  We all were more connected to the natural world because we were in it – outside – without the media spin or editing of today’s “nature shows.”

Out of sight of the film crews, textbook exploration of beaches and outside of the resort or “Disney-fied” beach experience, millions of pounds of plastic )bottles, bags, shoes, packaging, and objects float in daily.  We know that. We do what we can do personally – but how do we expand our influence?

Taking on that task, Patagonia, Gerry Lopez and others use their communication skills and influence to share stories that inspire awareness and change.  Gerry has lent his voice to the Plastic Pollution Coalition’s mission to bring awareness to the growing problem of single-use plastics. We hope you’ll share this article to your friends, family and social networks.


Wherever you live there is probably a Surfrider Foundation group nearby.  With October comes Raptober and the “Rise Above Plastic” effort.  If plastic all over our beaches and waterways breaks your heart the way it does mine, join the effort today.

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