10 Reasons to SUP with a Dog

Chad Brockman and his surf-dog, Red in Arizona

Chad Brockman and his surf-dog, Red in Arizona

We’ve seen the “wow” videos of a dog standup surfing in one remarkable clip after another. Maybe your dog prefers an extra dog biscuit over an extra wave.  If your dog simply likes to fetch a tennis ball or run a trail with you, why would you go to the effort to engage the pup in SUP?

A great photo from a collection you’ll want to explore at Sup Dogs

1. You see the world in a different way by slowing down to the comfort speed for your dog.

2.  A big “woof” enhances a shriek of “cowabunga”

3.  NO one wants to be left in the car with a treat when the real treat is exploring a lake, the birds, the fish and the ducks

4.  Running up and down the board between the human’s legs is the best dog-joke ever. “Hee hee hee, 4-legged balance rocks.”

5. Getting creative with non-slip deck options is good for your mind

6. Getting your dog the best life jacket possible = priceless

7. Scooping poochie out of the surf, with tail wagging after a wipeout = team work!

8.  Wonder, mostly found in great quantity when SUP is shared with a kid – multiples with doggie exuberance. Did you ever wonder what your dog is thinking as the waves lap under the board and the paddle swirls rings among the ripples on a lake?

9.  Friends – you’ll discover plenty who want to stop, chat, take pictures and exclaim over your cool dog – and you can bask in the residual great karma.

10. Fun is so much more fun when shared with your best friend. OK – ready, go hand 20 with your best friend!

Sprocket goes Hawaiian during the Bend Paddle Challenge in 2011. Photo by Ed Shasek

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