Slow Down 2 Go Fast

During the winter months we find a lot of our SUP training taking place in a gym or through cross-training legs and core on the ski slope.  Even with a winter as mild as we have been enjoying in central Oregon, with daytime temperatures reaching the mid-40’s on many days lately, time on the water is rare.

For that reason, we have been searching for good training tips available online at various blogs and through video. While watching a KIALOA Paddles video I expected to be learning about paddle design and the history of the “dihedral,” when right in the middle of the conversation, Dave Chun tossed out a simple training tip that really resonated with me. (VIDEO below)

At minute 1:40 the tip begins – “If you find your paddle wobbling in the water maybe it’s because you’re not moving past the paddle fast enough. At that point you need to slow your pull down.

Dave continues to explain, “You don’t need to pull less hard. Slow down the rhythm and get the board to move past the paddle – in synch.” I knew this but hadn’t combined slowing a bit while maintaining a strong pull to allow the board to move past the paddle – not the other way around. Cold or not! Today I’ll be out on the river giving this a try. Mahalo, Dave and KIALOA!