Naish ONE: Fun!

In about 6 weeks I’ll be leaving on a jet plane for Battle of the Paddle. I missed it last year and cannot wait to be part of the biggest SUP celebration around. Nearly six MONTHS ago I started looking for a 12’6″ race board to rent. The initial quest was quite specific – and within a few months I was regretting the purchase of a plane ticket and the long long drive was starting to seem like the best bet. There were no boards of any kind, any size to rent (beg or borrow) for the event.  I was thinking of dumping the plane ticket and strapping my surfboard to the car and heading south to be a part of the OPEN Surfboard class.

Then I had the chance to talk with Steve Gates at Big Winds in Hood River, Oregon.  He had the answer for me – and for many others, most likely.  He invited me to come on up to take the Big Winds shuttle and give his demo/rental Naish ONE a try on my favorite down wind run from Viento to the Hood River event site.  Better yet, I thought I’d buy one – but these inflatable one-design standup 12’6″ boards are so popular that they’ll be sold out for another week or so.  I will have to wait until I arrive in Hood River for the Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge to get two Naish ONEs – one for me and one for hubby, Ed. We travel a lot by air – I think these Naish ONES will get more air miles than even water miles!

naishone1I carry way more baggage than what’s in the cool carry case for the Naish ONE. Rather than fill in the back story of the board specifications here, you can find out everything on the website.

What really has me jazzed is the opportunity for one-design racing, youth racing, family activities, and travel adventure and exploration that the Naish ONE can drive. (Follow Naish on Facebook)

One early entry in hosting a one-design event was the Weymouth Ecover Blue Mile, held at the 2012 Olympic water sports venue. It proved a resounding success with an amazing 467 people taking part in the Naish N1SCO One design SUP races and free taster sessions.  Naish UK put up £1,000 in prize money for a series of races, in which all riders used the Naish ONE 12‘6” N1SCO Inflatable board. The event included an intermediate race (400m), sprint races (100m), and a 1,500m course – the Ecover Blue Mile. Watch a recap of the event here:

Hundreds take part in Ecover Blue MIle Weymouth 2013

Hundreds take part in Ecover Blue MIle Weymouth 2013

Alex Tobutt, a representative of Naish UK, said the weekend had introduced SUP to brand new enthusiasts,  “The really nice thing was that the SUP racing wasn’t elitist; anyone could take part. “We had people of all ages and experience and some people had never done it before – and all of them were able to do it.  Another great thing was that although everyone was competing, they were also helping each other and supporting each other. ”

pramI grew up sailing and surfing, doing the juniors one-design sailing back in the 50’s. Then as our family grew up enjoying swimming and one-design sailing in a yacht club setting, the extensive value, family connection, sportsmanship and camaraderie around wind and water sports was priceless.  As yacht and sailing clubs begin to adopt standup paddling as a youth and family program option for sport and fitness, it’s important that the same careful consideration put into selecting one-design sailing craft is invested into the SUP purchase.

I have talked with a good number of sailing coaches and program managers who have bought a small fleet of standup boards based on the “flavor of the month” suggested by an eager retailer. It’s a real shame to miss the “boat,” so to speak on the powerful trend and historical value of the one-design class. If you have influence on a decision of this type, share this information and support a wise, long term investment.   It’s easy enough to locate a Naish dealer in your geographic area and get some solid information about the future of one-design and the versatility and performance of the Naish ONE.

Important, too, is to understand the organization behind this trend.  Take a look at the event home at N1SCO.  It’s exciting. Who knows, perhaps a young person you know (or you yourself) might just find themselves on the podium at an upcoming championship (Event Page)


SUP Inspiration: Candice Appleby

One of the most unassuming leaders of the SUP mentoring/give-back culture is Candice Appleby.  In a most round-about way, she inspires even the non-SUP folks among us.  Here’s a story:

In 1998 we bought property in Oregon after 52 years in South Florida – the polar opposite in culture and environment. From malls and crowded beaches we met rivers and coasts where fleece replaced bikinis.  We met the architect who’d design our new home high above a river canyon, Rick Wright. Little did we know the gift he’d give us in the form of white-water kayak training and fun. Eventually we became “family” with the entire Wright clan in spite of the fact we ditched white water kayaking for standup paddling.  rickw

ricksurfWhat’s Candice got to do with this? Well, Rick Wright is a highly skilled, first class white water kayaker. He’s happiest maneuvering down gnarly stretches of river. Yet, in March, he went to the 27th annual Santa Cruz Paddle Fest where he entered and rode amazing waves in his surf kayak. “Totally stoked” best describes Rick’s take-away from the event and his two sessions at Cowells. Since Candice rocked it and won at Steamer Lane – what’s the connection?

Rick had the chance to watch the SUP events at Steamer Lane and he had the chance to observe first hand the pure determination and athleticism that drove Candice to her win.  As an avid and dedicated student of Tai Kwon Do and a local Class 4-5 mainstay in Bend Oregon, Rick knows excellence and practiced honing of natural skills when he sees it.  When a quarterback throws that impossible pass, when a golfer drops the challenging chip 2 inches from the cup – we’ve all seen athletic greatness in action. For standup paddling, the televised spots are few and far between. That’s likely why the live-action Candice was so impressive. While Candice wasn’t the only amazing waterwoman (or waterman) in the event, her prowess and performance struck our friend Rick.

crunTonight, over margaritas and bridge (yes, we old geezers play bridge for fun) the conversation turned to our next trip together. Without question we are determined to all be at the Santa Cruz Paddle Fest in 2014.  Rick is a solid 14 pounds lighter than he was in early February. He’s training hard and eating well.  What will be keeping his fitness-stoke alive from now until the next time we all surf some practice waves at the Oregon coast for freezing-pounding surf?  It’s a memory of a competition and an image of training.

Rick described his fantastic kayak-surf session at Cowells but his absolute awe was obvious when he described the grace and power of Candice Appleby in her heats at the Santa Cruz Paddle Fest. “She was bent at the waist and digging hard – steadily and endlessly throughout her heat. She rode waves with so much style, strength and beauty.”

The picture to the left is one that Rick saw on Facebook. To him, it is a perfect example of strength and gracefulness, power and motivation.  Because a leader in the world of SUP has honed her expertise so well – and captures images of the process – a 6th decade white water kayaker/kayak surfer is inspired to reach his own limits and potential.

Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and all the social media opps might seem stale and over-used at times. But because we have the chance to connect with excellence through that same media we can be motivated and inspired. We celebrate the power of social media and the story our sport is creating one champion, one Candice, one Rick, at a time.

What’s your story? Share with us on Facebook or Pinterest!

SUP Perspective: Memorial Day

Today you might hear the occasional “Happy Memorial Day” but this is a solemn day. Today we remember the service, sacrifice, and commitment of those who were willing to give the last full measure of devotion in order for us to enjoy the blessings of liberty, freedom, and democracy. Before you head to the water, or fire up the grill, take your children and grandchildren to a national cemetery. Let them know there were men and women who made it possible for them to have their summer fun. Capture the moment in reflection or a photo. Our future generation’s freedom has inspired every sacrifice recognized today.

Today as I read through the posts from SUP paddlers across the nation, read the posts about events scheduled for today there is a consistent thread of recognition that today’s perspective includes remembering, being with friends and family and an attitude of gratitude. Simply Google “memorial day SUP event” and you’ll see what I mean. Wherever you live you can get out on the water and celebrate our freedom to enjoy this day. So many of the events include opportunities for families to get on the water together.

Robby Naish sharing the stroke with his daughter - family fun is a solid part of SUP Perspective

Robby Naish sharing the stroke with his daughter – family fun is a solid part of SUP Perspective (photo by Riley Cooney)

Not so long ago I came across a two-year old photo taken by Riley Cooney  (used here with his permission). Not so far from the USS Missouri Memorial and the many glassy breaks of Hawaii millions celebrate the ocean life from the SUP perspective. This photo of Robby Naish and his daughter captures the essence of sharing what we love with our family on the water. As spring turns to summer and we head for every sort of water fun there will be millions of these “family moments” captured in pictures, video and cherished memories. A treasure for sure.

Karen Wrenn (@supkaren) and her enthusiastic sidekick are ready to seize the day via a down-wind run

Karen Wrenn (@supkaren) and her enthusiastic sidekick are ready to seize the day via a down-wind run

Lakes, bays, rivers, oceans – wherever your water is grab a kid, a dad, an auntie or a cousin.  Flatwater, buoy racing, surfing double overheads or shorebreak mush – grab your paddle and go!

We are so fortunate in the SUP community to have “first generation” leaders in the re-invented modern version of SUP who inspire us by their purpose, dedication to sharing expertise across generations and consistent training.

Today I woke up to gray skies, wind and colder than comfortable temperatures. Bummer, paddling today? Not sure.

Then I grabbed some coffee and took a look at Facebook, and found plenty to stop and reflect on. Posts honoring what Memorial Day is all about delivered a spirit of gratitude and reflection.  Our collective perspective is a powerful inspiration.

On the SUP side of motivation, posts by Suzie Cooney provided a great training video for “get going and get training” spark. Posts by Karen Wrenn inspired a commitment to healthy eating, training and prep for the upcoming summer fun. Coincidentally, these leaders are part of Naish SUP (Naish International, Naish Surfing) and are part of the collective culture of the Naish family.  As Robby Naish recently shared, “Naish works hard to be more than a brand. Naish has a passion they try to instill into their products and the lifestyle they represent.” Attitude, it’s not easy to measure but it’s awesome to experience.

memdaySocial media and an easy vehicle to “talk story” can create a wide sense of community – across the globe. What’s your story today? We look forward to hearing from you via e-mail, or Facebook, or by a link on your YouTube channel.

Thanks for reflecting with me today.


SUP Muse: Candice Appleby


I met Candice Appleby for about 5 minutes at the Naish Gorge Challenge in August 2012. She’s a charismatic SUP athlete who’s hard to miss, wise and giving beyond her years. Most of us at age 27 are simply trying to figure what we and our lives are all about. For others, their focus, imagination, talent and commitment have inspired a clear path along the journey. Candice Appleby discovered her passion for ocean and  watersports early and has played her way with heart and hard training to the podium – and more importantly – beyond! Beyond SUP, Candice competes in ocean triathlons, various Pro Longboard events, body surfing, canoe surfing, prone paddleboarding, lifeguard competitions and other ASP sanction events. In 2010, Stand Up Journal featured her as the “Woman of the Year” in their worldwide publication. in 2011 she launched an Anti-Bullying campaign called “Stand Up for the Children.” Expanding the ways in which she gives back, Candice has taken on the role of  CFO/Co-Founder of Performance Paddling LLC.  It is in the balance of fitness, competition, travel, family and faith that I am able to fully appreciate all the things I am capable of accomplishing, as well as inviting new opportunities into my life.

Candice Appleby and Anthony Vela are two of the most recognizable faces in the world of Stand Up Paddling. Candice has won the Elite Race at the Battle of the Paddle more than anyone else but it’s not just the racing that makes these two so well loved. Candice recently shared these thoughts after the Inaugural Performance Paddling Junior Pro & Youth SUP (May 2013), “Yesterday was undoubtably one of the most joyful days of my life so far. All of the smiling faces of these precious children are engraved in my heart. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to all of the sponsors who helped make this event possible. To all of the volunteers and crew, this wouldn’t have been possible without your help. Each and every one of you played a huge role in the success of this event. Thank you so much for working so hard. To the Children, it was a pleasure watching your skills and talents on the water. You all shined bright for the whole SUP world to see. Parents, thank you for supporting your children’s ambitions and promoting a healthy active lifestyle. Anthony, I don’t even know what to say. You have changed my life in so many ways and helped me turn many of my dreams into realities. Thank you My Love. You are the best friend and companion I could ever have. And of course, thank you Lord!

Next generation awesome ocean athletes

Next generation awesome ocean athletes

More and more Candice and Anthony are putting back into the sport, especially through their coaching. Just over twelve months ago the pair stepped up that commitment when they created Performance Paddling. The initial focus was on hosting SUP coaching clinics at the big races they travel to. Their vision has evolved into much more.  The creation of the “Performance Paddling Competition Team“, which is basically an elite junior squad of Stand Up Paddlers inspires paddlers both young and old while guiding the culture around standup paddling as a sport and a community. In a sport as young as SUP there is not a culture of tradition and mentors.

Rather than having a cadre of “elders” who inspire the next generation, Candice and Anthony have stepped into that role. It will make all the difference. That sort of “connection across generations” is exactly the sort of story we love to share at Elder SUP.

The Inaugural Performance Paddling Junior Pro & Youth Sup Fiesta presented by Ocean Minded, which took place in early May, had competitors coming from Australia, Maui, Oahu, Florida, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and all over California. Proceeds were designated for Standup for the Cure for the cure of breast cancer. — with Quickblade Paddles,  Fin Film company captured the spirit and positive joy of the event in a short film (LIKE Fin Film on Facebook). candiceposter

Candice recently posted a quote from a coffee table book titled, ONE. A portion of it is here.  As you read it, it’s important to know that Candice posted it during a time she was recovering from hand surgery that has curtailed her competing as she heals and rehabs.  During that time she has remained active and giving within the SUP world, all with her signature smile.

“A great life includes something worth living for, maybe even worth dying for. A portion of a great life would be devoted to something bigger, greater, grander than yourself. Something that inspires you, energizes you, pulls you forward. Something that responds to your unique talent or touch and , ultimately, makes a difference in the world around you.

A great life would naturally bring more meaning, love, laughter, wonder and adventure to your days. At the end of your journey you would look back on a life of significance, rather than regret-knowing in your heart that you left the world better than you found it. Knowing that you made a difference in the lives of others. Knowing that you got something wonderful out of it, and that you gave something wonderful back.

A great life, of course, is not something we experience, it’s something we create.”

There is no doubt that in the process of creating a great life for herself, Candice radiates the energy that inspires us to dig deeper, mine our talents well and share what we can with others – generously and with love.
As she moves through the work and time it takes to recover from hand surgery patience and persistence will pay off.  Recently Candice reported, ”  I surfed my longboard yesterday for the first time since my surgery and it felt so good. Thanks for all the continued prayers and positive thoughts. I still have a ways to go before my hand is ready to properly grip a paddle, but I WILL GET THERE. Thanks for your continued support.”

Sooner or later we’ll all have that injury or life challenge that will deliver a setback that demands our strongest attitude and commitment.  Flexibility, a grin and accepting the support of friends can make the journey an exercise in the attitude of gratitude. Thanks for the reminder, Candice.


Candice appleby and Anthony Vela, in their water element
photo: Adlib Photography

When commenting on her life with Anthony Vela she explains that sometimes it’s like a dream. Candice recognizes, “My life is so blessed. Thanks to all of my friends through the years from whom I have learned about life and the ocean. I am thankful everyday. How did I get so lucky?”

Anthony Vela embraces ocean sports with gusto!

Anthony Vela embraces ocean sports with gusto!

Candice, I think you have made your own luck. As a SUP Muse, you inspire us to use our talents and energy in a similar manner.

SUP Connection: Tandem Fun with Kids

Mother-daughter stoke as Heather Relyea Baus and daughter, Savannah, stay in synch at the Carolina Cup.

Mother-daughter stoke as Heather Relyea Baus and daughter, Savannah, stay in synch at the Carolina Cup.

We recently posted an article by Cyril Burguiere that celebrated “family” as an integral part of his life, sports and SUP.  Earlier in that same week the crowd at the Carolina Cup clicked endless images of mother-daughter team, Heather Relyea Baus and her daughter Savannah as they tandem-ed their way through 12.5 mile “Graveyard” Elite Race course. I think the many participants and onlookers saw something more than two determined and prepared athletes competing in a very challenging race.  Heather says it best in her own words, “When we look back on the photos its all very surreal and inspiring to me as an athlete as well as a Mom.  I look at the photos and don’t really see us.. just something a lot deeper. ”  Browsing through a few sample images (below), you’ll feel the same something more!

The race, the hand-in-hand finish and the after race connection all capture a synchronicity of spirit nurtured through countless hours of shared fun and effort in, on and around the water. More images are available by Nicholas Leason.


Crucial to successfully completing the elite race course is the choice of SUP board.  Heather explains, “Nick Leason owner of MHL custom and shaper Greg Jaudon and myself decided to design a true unlimited board that could suit my daughter and me as a tandem board or super fast unlimited board for the solo guy.  The board is 16′ x 25″ .  This may seem narrow, but really the longer the board the more narrow you can go.  MHL has the magic touch for stability.  These guys are amazing. ” By the way, the mother-daughter team finished 5th overall females and 1st in class with a time of 2:44:06.

ES:  How did you train and what were some highlights of the race?

HRB:  We sort of eased into the “training” to where it didn’t feel like training but just time on the water together, we really enjoy this.  My daughter is quite the chatter box on the board and we both love the diversity of paddling in the panhandle area of Florida.  The conditions of the water, currents and wind are forever changing compared to our past experience when we lived in Puerto Rico.  I think what excites Savannah the most on our paddles is the diversity of nature we see  while out on the water.  This winter we focused on ocean skills and tandem downwinding technique. This has been a real thrill learning together and it certainly paid off at the Carolina Cup!

ES: The dialog between the two of you from the race that you posted on Facebook was priceless!    The dialog in general is pretty hilarious, mother and daughter have two very different takes on the experience as it unfolds.  Sampling below:

SAVANNAH: “Wow Mom did you see all those amazing houses??? MOM: “Hang tough S we’re leading the unlimited”! SAVANNAH: “Mom why aren’t you going faster??” MOM: “Because i’m dying”… SAVANNAH: “I’m gonna pop some tags.. I got 20 dollars in my pocket….!!” MOM: “Go S… Annabel Anderson is passing us!”… SAVANNAH: “OMG MOM!!!! Those waves are HUGE and they’re breaking!!!!!” MOM:..” WE GOT THIS”.. SAVANNAH: “How much farther”??

HRB: I think because she is not looking directly at “mom” she tends to open up more and really talk about things.  Some days are “serious matters”  you know… like informing she needs to change the trucks out on her skateboard…. to recipe ideas for dinner and I think an entire week of Harry Potter series summary.  OH and many, many National Anthem practices out on the water.. 🙂  The dialog for Carolina Cup was not as energized as training paddles..that was a really tough race for both of us.  However she did sing, comment on the gorgeous homes, inform me she had to pee.. and how much farther!

If you follow Heather on Facebook, you’ll notice a wide diversity of watersports she enjoys with her family.  I wondered if she always was a competitive athlete and what set her down the path toward being the waterwoman she is today.  heather shared some background, “Really, while growing up I was clueless about “competitive” sports.  I do remember being in junior high and getting to play volley ball. I was so naive that I didn’t realize there was actually a “first strong,” and then the rest of the team.  I just played and loved it – then made first string later.  Following the volleyball, I ran cross-country and pretty much choked on nerves at every race to the point where I didn’t enjoy it at all.
Luckily I incorporated running into my adult life for a small bit of fitness while mainly focusing on my aviation career.  Because of all the travel, most of my 20’s were spent running on hotel gym treadmills. The influence of water was pretty consistent as I was growing up.  Every weekend we went to the lake and just played. I waterskied and sailed on a Sunfish every chance I got. “
6Fun on water and fun sailing was woven into family life from the start.  Daughter, Savannah, started sailing and competing in regattas at age 6. Soon she wanted to accompany Mom on her training runs for the Molokai to Oahu race in 2011.  According to heather, “Savannah is very unique and I learn a lot from my daughter.  She has style both on and off the water.”   young
In the beginning of 2009 when Heather was still living in Puerto Rico, she won her second stateside race in a row in Seaside, FL. That caught notice from KIALOA Paddles who, according to Heather, “ROCKS!”
As a KIALOA team rider she has discovered the sense of “ohana” or family that is a KIALOA constant.  Being an ambassador for KIALOA has been an honor for Heather who describes which paddles she uses and why, “I personally use the KIALOA Toro for racing and the Methane for surfing. Savannah uses the Pipes most of the time but is just about tall enough to use my HULU.”
As the creator, designer and lead on the US made cool product called “Board Baggies,” Heather stays busy on and off the water. We look forward to some news about where she’s going with the product, stay tuned. You’re gonna want to see the new fabrics, colors and options.
We’re excited to publish this article in the appropriate time of year, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! The same sense of ohana (family) we mentioned earlier when describing the KIALOA way is a common quest for us all.  We look forward to seeing your ohana pictures and hearing your stories. Just e-mail us or MESSAGE us on Facebook.

GoPro: Wordsmithing Images

Each week I look forward to receiving links to GoPro VIDEO OF THE DAY.  Astounding views, amazing athletes, adventures and non-stop-action abound! Always diverse and endlessly cool – naturally when my friends and I watch these we hope to create something of that caliber ourselves.  We are passionate about standup paddling of every sort and we’re crazy about getting in and on the water at every opportunity.

Full moon magic is an Elder SUP routine, how about you?

Full moon magic is an Elder SUP routine, how about you?

Take the Water – Wherever You Are: Talking story around the fire on the beach, at a lakeside campsite or over a brew in a river town used to be the default way to re-live great SUP experiences. Armed with a GoPro easily strapped to a chest mount, a head mount, or a solid mount on our board we seamlessly collect images as we play our way through the day – or full moon night.  There’s no end to the number of ways we can “take the water wherever we are” via cool video clips and movies – Dropbox, Vimeo, Picasa, YouTube, Facebook, blogs.

The next question begs, “How many of your videos are so compelling that friends – and friends of friends – actually want to watch your story?”  For me, as long as there is beautiful water, people grinning and having a good time and a play of light and sights – then I am into a video. Next caveat, attention span.

We love a production called, Reflections, but at 8 minutes it’s asking for a lot from most of us. As a poetic approach to editing wonderful video footage, it’s inspiring.

Where's your inspiration-generating water?

Where’s your inspiration-generating water? Here is Suzie Cooney of getting her stoke on!

So here’s our plan. During an upcoming vacation to Maui, rather than trying to get epic shots of us catching waves (not so much) or attempting to capture the energy and magic of the Olukai Ho’olaule’a while actually participating, we will simply capture what we capture. We’ll plan some shots that would set a mood or emotion.  Later, all sun-burnt, salty and inspired, we’ll create the wordsmith story, maybe even a poem, that comes to mind. With that as a guide, we can watch our GoPro footage again and again. Grabbing scenes and images that can be woven into a story may be commonplace for many videographers. For us, it’s going to be new – an adventure of its own.

For a terrific example of great word-smithing of images can be, check out Blue Sway by Paul McCartney, below.

Vancouver Island SUP Adventures

Sweet surfing off Tonfino (Vancouver Island, BC)

Sweet surfing off Tofino (Vancouver Island, BC)

If you have ever hopped off the ferry to Victoria, Nanaimo or any of the other stops along the coast of Vancouver Island you had to be craving some paddle time on the water.  Back in 2008, we did a “first crossing” in Clayquot Sound where local First Nation and kayak tour groups cheered and waved and asked a boatload of questions (What is that called? for the most part, then “Where can I get a board?”)

Awesome paddle in Clayquot Sound )beware of tides and currents!)

Awesome paddle in Clayquot Sound (beware of tides and currents!)

I recently spotted a picture posted on Facebook of a beautiful scenic river, partially frozen, with a long, glassy wake through crusted ice made by a guy on a standup paddleboard.  As luck would have it, I was able to connect with Paul Kendrick who created the scene via a great photo. The intrepid paddler cutting through the icy river was Paul’s friend, Darcy. If you are compelled to bundle up and paddle in winter, be safe and stay warm.

Winter SUP - paddle with a buddy and wear proper clothing (then take in the awesomeness!)

Winter SUP – paddle with a buddy and wear proper clothing (then take in the awesomeness!)

If you are intrigued by the idea of 12 lakes connected by easy portages, be sure to read this article as Paul describes his favorite rivers and lakes from the SUP Perspective.

Paul is relatively new to the sport, he bought his first stand-up-paddleboard in July 2012. A fan of both awesome adventure scenery and good exercise, it didn’t take Paul long to master the art of “boardpacking.”

What’s boardpacking? It’s a term I coined to explain how wonderful “backpacking via SUP” can be.

The area of Vancouver Island where SUP explorer Paul Kendrick adventures with his standup paddleboard and camera.

The area of Vancouver Island where SUP explorer Paul Kendrick adventures with his standup paddleboard and camera.

Paul has likely done quite a number of first crossings, as there are so few  up in his area exploring on paddleboards, Paul has a blog that’s informative and a very good read.

According to Pau, “I started this blog as a means of sharing and invitation for those who may be interested.We are so lucky to live in this very special part of the world, so let’s get out there!”

After touring the log, I am hankering to toss a few boards on the roof of the truck and head on up to Vancouver Island. Who else has some BC adventures to share?

Pristine launch spot from Paul's Paddling blog

Pristine launch spot from Paul’s Paddling blog